Fruit Popsicles

It's hot.. its humid and you are looking for something to keep you cool and chilled out.. Here's a simple fun no-cook recipe to try out.. No more buying shop bought Popsicles. Enjoy home made popsicles. Your kids will love them and all you need to invest on is a set of popsicle moulds. You get these moulds in a number of fun shapes and sizes. Get the moulds and enjoy your popsicles this summer!

Fruit Juice of your choice

Popsicle Moulds

  1. Fill the Popsicle mould with fruit juice of choice
  2. Freeze overnight or at least for 4 hours. 

  1. Make your own fresh fruit juice or use shop bought ready juice.
  2. If you are making the juice, make sure you sieve the juice well before you freeze.
  3. If you do not have popsicle moulds and want to try this out, then fill paper cups with fruit juice and stick a popsicle stick into the centre after 1 hour of freezing and let it set overnight. Peel the paper cup and serve the popsicle.


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