Mushroom Soup

This is the first home cooked soup attempt and I am so glad it turned out to be delicious! Soups were always this fancy special appetizer that my brother and I would always order when we go out to a fancy restaurant because it was never made at home... And then came the dehydrated soup granules, tinned soups etc.. that made it possible to enjoy a hot soup in the comfort of our home. 

Whenever we start looking for a recipe to start a soup, it would almost always involve starting with vegetable stock which we would never have ready at home (Of course, we now have the stock cubes, though we almost never have it at home as well..) So, we never gave making soup from scratch a thought..

Here's a recipe for which you don't need any stock and one that you can make in a jiffy with simple ingredients you will almost always have in your pantry. Enjoy your soup hot or cold! 

3 cups of mushrooms
1 medium onion
1 teaspoon pepper powder
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 cup water
Salt to taste

Cashew cream:
1/4 cup cashew nuts
1/4 cup water

  1. Prep the vegetables: Chop the onion and mushroom finely.
  2. Cashew cream: Blend equal quantities of cashew and water. 
  3. Cook the vegetables: Saute onion on medium heat in a pan. Once the onion becomes translucent, add the mushrooms and saute them. Add in the soy sauce and pepper. Saute the mushrooms till they reduce and cook. Mushrooms will leave out water and reduce in size. Switch off the flame and let the mixture cool down. 
  4. Blend the soup: Once the mixture cools down, blend it to a fine soup. If you like to have chunks of mushroom in the soup, blend it coarsely.
  5. The mushroom soup is now ready to serve. Serve it topped with cashew cream and some chopped spring onion.

  1. Do not add salt until you taste the soup. Soy sauce generally has salt in it and hence additional salt may not be required.
  2. Dark soy sauce was used for this recipe but you can use any soy sauce.
  3. Adding cashew cream is an optional step and makes the soup creamy and fills you up quite easily. 


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