Button Idli (Mini Steamed Rice Cakes)

I have fond memories of enjoying button idli's in South Indian restaurants.. I was always fascinated by these and as a kid I always believed that these were made by the chefs painstakingly by craving out small circles after they had made the large regular sized Idli's. 

I wasn't until my mom actually bought mini idli moulds and made these at home that I actually understood how these were made. Love these cute little mini's.. If you haven't tried these before, make sure you try them in your next trip to a south Indian restaurant and if you have kids, you know you are kids are going to love these and its best to get yourself a couple of mini idli moulds to make these at home.

Enjoy the button idli's dunked in hot sambhar, dish it up with a dollop of ghee. They will drink up and soak in the sambhar and will just melt in your mouth. No hassle of cutting them into smaller pieces. They will be just the right bite sized pieces. 

Idli batter
Oil for greasing
Sambhar, to serve

  1. Making the rice cakes: Scoop up about 1 teaspoon of the batter into each cavity of a well-oiled mini Idli plate. Do the same for all the cavities of all the Idli plates. Once the batter has been placed in the plates. 
  2. Steam the rice cakes: Now place the plates in a pre-prepped steamer where the water has boiled. Steam for about 10 - 12 mins. Switch off the steamer once the Idli's have cooked. Remove the Idli's from the plates and enjoy them.
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