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Having a summer party or just want to spend time out in summer and looking for a refreshing drink that you can juice up in seconds...? Then you are at the right place.. this is the recipe for you. All you need is a juicer and some basic vegetables and fruits that you would almost always have at home in summer.

Let's get those vegetables and fruits and get juicing. I know how crazy some people are about juicing.. even if you are not overboard with the idea of juicing, this is a great summer recipe that will get you addicted to it and we will soon bring you more juicing ideas or recipes we have created, tried and tested on our friends. 

This juice is packed with goodness and it is refreshing. Making fresh juices are the best. No preservatives, you know what went in and no unnecessary sugar or sweetners to sweeten your drink. Cheers to good health!

2 cucumbers
2 green apples, cored
1 sprig of mint leaves
3 inch slice of ginger
1 cup kale leaves
2 lime

To Season:
Chaat masala to taste
Salt to taste

  1. Juice the lime: Slice each lime into two and juice them. Keep the juice separate.
  2. Juice your veg and fruit: Wash the vegetabels and fruits. Core the apple. Peel the ginger. Slice off the narrow tips of the cucumber and any small stem. Juice all the fruits and vegetables in a juicer by feeding them one after the other in any order. This should give you a nice fine  green liquid.
  3. Mix, season and serve: Mix the lime juice to the vegetable juice. Add salt and chaat masala. Serve the juice with a slice of lime or cucumber on the side, some torn mint leaves (optional). This should keep you refreshed and hydrated. 

  1. Keep your vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator and take them out just before you plan to make the juice. This will make the juice cool and refreshing. 
  2. Roll the limes before you slice them. This will help break the membranes within and release more juice with less effort. 
  3. This is a juicer recipe and would not be easy to make if you didn't have a juicer.
  4. Black rock salt or Himalayan pink salt are the best for this recipe and pack a flavor punch. You can add normal salt if you don't have rock salt.
  5. Serve the juice on the rocks (with ice cubes, for those who didn't get that..) and chillax..  


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