Hi, I am Rathna, the voice behind Kitchen Chemistry. My husband and I love to cook and travel.. We are inspired from our travels to experiment with food…and we love Colors! the more colorful our food is, the better.

I have always had the love for food but have never been a serious cook apart from occasionally helping my mom in the kitchen. Well, when your mom is a super-cook, why would you even need to cook!! So, I dont blame myself.

And then London happened! When work took me to London where I also happened to meet this lovely, charming, handsome man who swept me off my feet with everything that he was... I got bitten by the love bug and the cooking bug. I ended up marrying that Mr.charmer!!

My husband is an amazing cook (obviously with more years of cooking experience than I do) and he is also passionate about photography. I on the other hand had barely made a few dishes before marriage and was generally the dishwasher and chopping assistant whenever I cooked with friends. So, it wasn't till after marriage that I started cooking or experimenting with food, with my husband as my Guru and the Guinea Pig...

Today, my husband and I cook together. We experiment with our cooking and cooking helps us relax and bonds us together. Hence, the site name Kitchen Chemistry.. you know food chemistry plus couple chemistry!!

The recipes posted on this site are recipes we have tried, tested and some conjured from our wild imaginations. Both of us cook, taste-test and photograph the food together! All the photographs on this site are taken by us. We’re not entirely vegetarian, but most of the recipes are. Our goal is to inspire you to get a little creative with vegetables whatever be your dietary preferences. We are no professional cooks, but We love cooking and want to spread that love for cooking to all!

Thank You for Visiting our blog. Happy Cooking!

- Rathna & Vinay 


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